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Jean J. King

After a 6 year start with another prestigious travel agency, Jean, together with her late husband, Roger W. King opened King Travelways as a retail travel agency in 1977. The object was to serve the traveling public ‘with a difference’. Their mission was to arrange travel with honesty, thoughtful attention to detail and individual care. Every trip, every person, was special. Almost immediately the agency began designing custom-made tours, many of which were not only conceived and marketed by Jean, but escorted by Jean and Roger – always with the emphasis on the integrity of the individual needs, that they not be thought of as part of a ‘herd’. Through years of networking with trusted colleagues around the world they have built up a group organization to handle many types of tour requirements. This philosophy and skill in people handling has developed into a specialty with a strong core of clients. Now, not only their own individual loyal clients are participants in their tours, but they have added a number of prestigious university alumni associations, museums, clubs, and other organizations, as well as family groups celebrating special occasions. Jean’s knowledge of world destinations is hard to match. She is a lifetime CTC (Certified Travel Counselor), and an expert in Africa, many European countries and the UK. Favorite destinations? She is totally at home in London, loves many eastern European countries in addition to Austria, Germany, France, and Italy. The best destination of all would be a toss up between a river cruise and an African Safari. Jean is a loyal alumna of Mount Holyoke College and is always pleased to be traveling with fellow ‘uncommon women’.
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