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How about a cruise to the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada or Europe?
We have sailed the ocean blue! The Caribbean, Eastern Canada & New England, Alaska,TransAtlantic, the Baltic, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, Hawaii and the South Pacific – and completely Around the World. We can find the ‘fun’ ships, the deluxe ships, small ships, and the huge mega-liners – even freighters!
What has really come into its’ own are the river cruises. This is a wonderful, relaxing way to see the world at close range. No packing up and unpacking. The ships are small (with passenger count from 100-200), intimate, and fascinating. In the USA we have the Mississippi, the Snake and Columbia. In Canada the St. Lawrence and Thousand Islands. In Europe try the Rhine, the Seine, the Rhone, the Danube, the Elbe, the Duoro, or the mighty Volga. There is the Nile in Egypt, and the Yangtze in China! The ships have become more comfortable and deluxe, with shore excursions included in the price plus beer and wines during meals.














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