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 King Travelways closed the doors on its’ 105 Hanover Street, Meriden CT location on January 1, 2014. It was with sadness that we packed up and left the historic Old Butler Street Firehouse that had been our home since it was purchased and renovated in 2094. But, a new chapter to meet the needs of our loyal customer following better fits the changes in technology and the newest approaches to the travel industry. Without interruption, we have become a “Home Based” agency! As you can see, our E-Mail address remains the same, although our ‘phone and fax could not be saved as our location is in a different zone. We are now a ‘non-ticketing’ agency specializing in tours, cruises, individually designed travel itineraries, and groups. Our partnership with our longtime associate, Travelosophy, continues, and through them we book and ticket airline flights to the far corners of the world. King Travelways has always been renowned for its’ personal destination expertise, a unique feature in this world of consuming technology. All of this keeps us very busy and on our toes. With our eyes and ears close to our phones and computers we are better able to serve you 24/7. 

Jean J. King, CTC King Travelways

Announcing our 2019 East African Safari!!

Once you have experienced an East African safari, it is difficult to shake the vignettes of the wonders that you have seen out of your soul. For any ‘first-timers’, what a glorious adventure you have before you!
So, we start with a new twist for our 2019 Safari . Let’s look at Kenya again, now that security has been enhanced and once again we feel comfortable touring in their beautiful country. As a result Kenya is expecting a banner year for tourism!
There are so many special things to see and do around Nairobi itself: just to highlight a few - the Karen Blixen Home and Museum, the Giraffe Center in Langatta, the Kazuri Bead center, the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, the Carnivore Restaurant. Then it’s onward  on safari staying in the best of the National Parks: the Masai Mara, Nakuru, Amboseli. This can be done in comfort with an 8 day safari, staying in hand-picked lodges and camps.
We offer this as a ‘stand-alone’, or to add a most exciting finish, flying to  spectacular Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. This is one of the 7 wonders of the world – with dramatic waters over a mile across, cascading over the precipices, with many scenic viewing points. In the words of the local natives, it is  ‘the smoke that thunders’. Following this dramatic adventure we cross the border into Botswana for an outstanding safari into Chobe National Park, teaming with wildlife.
This opportunity will create fantastic memories. Travel with some of our safari ‘faithfuls’, as well as our excited new friends. Everyone will be blown away with the magnificent scenery, the welcoming natives, the excellent service and delicious food, and of course the finest animal encounters in the world. 
This time you will be escorted by your experienced and enthusiastic  KING TRAVELWAYS team, Barbara & Chuck King , as well as myself, Jean King (the intrepid Africa traveler).
Should you have questions, please give us a call at (203) 439-0593.

For more information, please download our Safari Brochure.

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 The A-B-C’s of Travel Planning 
The A-B-C’s of Travel Planning  For us at King Travelways ‘Travel Planning’ is one of our most exciting tasks!  We are happy to tackle your smallest request – from a car rental; to a short stay at a hotel; to a lengthy and very involved itinerary for yourselves or with your family and friends. Even just a motorcoach excursion for the day is a refreshing and exciting event. We work with the finest tour operators, and can book almost anything, anywhere. Let our expertise guide you to the trip of a  lifetime.      

A - To Africa – Australia – Asia - Alaska.     Have you ever been on a King Travelways Safari to East Africa ? We have been planning and leading groups to Kenya & Tanzania for over 25 years. We trek the Serengeti in search of the Big Five, those magnificent animals: the Lion, the Elephant, the Rhino, the Leopard, and the Cape Buffalo – to observe and photograph. This is raw nature at its’ most glorious! It is an unbelievable experience, staying in beautiful lodges and tented camps where we are pampered with elegant service. This can be the best tour of your lifetime. (Most people want to return, once they have traveled with us!) 

 B – To Bermuda , or the Bahamas.             A get-away that is so near, but seems far away. You can travel by cruise ship, or fly down from many US airports on an easy direct flight. The islands breathe British influence, and yet have the look of the Caribbean with pretty pastel colors. Not too bad to take, on an island in the Atlantic as you are surrounded by beautiful blue/green ocean and sparkling pink sand!     

 C – To the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Or a trans-canal itinerary! There are so many magnificent ships sailing these waters, both the incredible mega-ships, with every kind of activity aboard, as well as on the sun-soaked beaches of the islands during your ports of call. A cruise is probably your most economical vacation with so much included, and cuisine to die for! Then again, why not fly down for a lazy week at a beautiful resort. We can even arrange camping on St. John in the Virgin Islands! What about a villa, for the whole family, with a cook and a maid.  I am sure that we could travel the rest of the alphabet! Europe, both Eastern and Western -  Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal – we’ve done them all! A river cruise through European waterways – what an ideal way to go, in comfort and style, taking your ‘hotel’  along with you. We have explored the Rhine, the Moselle, the Seine, the Soane, the Elbe, the Volga, the canals of Holland and Belgium, and the beautiful Danube. Why not visit the great capital cities of the world for a short get-away. The possibilities get better and better!

A profile view of KING TRAVELWAYS: 
Renowned specialists in worldwide travel since 1977     

Established as a full service travel agency in 1977 by principals Jean J. King and Roger W. King. The initial objectives were to serve the traveling public in areas of Corporate, Leisure, and Group Travel. The concept of a travel agency at that time was a link between the airline industry, hotels, cruise lines around the world, as well as destination management representatives in far away places. The function was all important with the traveling public totally dependent upon their services. (At that time the concept of the computer was not even a dream!)   

The Travel Agent was wooed and feted in hopes that they in turn could recommend and sell their product! The innate curiosity of far-away lands and opportunities drew the agent giving them a consummate knowledge of global geography and exacting details of getting there. Their job was to familiarize and create opportunities. They could make the world accessible!

King Travelways grew rapidly, drawing a large group of followers. A larger staff was hired, including son William King, fresh out of college, and wanting to be part of the business. Travel groups were designed, individual personalized trips were booked, package tours were researched and sold, and college and school AlumniAssociations groups developed into a large department.  Many of the trips and tours were escorted by the Kings as well. We traveled the world – England-Scotland-Wales–Ireland–Iceland, Northern, Southern,Western, Eastern Europe, China, India, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico, South America, Canada, Alaska! Bill handled the Corporate bookings as well as Adventure Travel. The tradition of the African Safari was born! The 1980’s and 1990’s was an exciting time for the travel industry

In 1994 the company had grown enormously and time to look for a new location. Roger King found a stunning possibility in downtown Meriden: the Old Butler Street Firehouse – built in 1850 – with many owners since its original use as a fire station. It was derelict, in need of a total rehab to make it a usable business headquarters. Also, to preserve its’ history and conform to the integrity of the original architecture, the careful renovation was finally accepted into the National Registry of Historic Places, proudly bearing the official blue plaque on its’ outside walls. This was the perfect place regardless of location, as so much of the business filtered in from far away clients

The landmark for the travel agency business as a whole passed from the 20th into the 21st Century. Everyone both at home and in the office had become computer savvy. The mystery of booking airline tickets and other ancillary travel products became available to ‘do-it-yourselfers’. The airlines decided that they no longer needed the travel agency as their arm of marketing and withdrew all commissions. The hitherto income for services was gone leaving the agent high and dry! “Innovate”, has always been the by-line of the American way – and we have done so, but it has not been easy. Many travel agencies have just faded away.

Roger King passed away in 2000, and son William passed away in 2010. Still, the invaluable knowledge and creativity should not be lost, and Jean King decided to ‘go it alone’. Together with her computer, files, industry connections, and other technical aids she has become “Home Based”. This has its’ advantages – the ability to contact the public easily 24/7 – and the one-on-one choices to work selectively with great friends and clients, still creating exciting and unique travel opportunities around the world. International airfares are handled and booked by our partner of many years, Travelosophy. Still, the studying and designing of unique places to see in the world is exciting for King Travelways. Leave the details to us. We look forward to working with you!  
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